SFH #186: Pause, Breathe, Connect, and Reflect.

A Monday Mantra 💫

I'm using my longest 'pause' in between entries since starting this daily share back in March to highlight a personal mantra that helps me stay grounded.

I have shared versions of slowing the 'game' down from the 'smooth' approach to the 'rain' method, and even the concept from my men's group--ROC. But, regardless of the message, I believe in replicating whatever version hits home for you to take reset and restore mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

As I reflected today on the ideal foundation for my health as I continue to build a new life here in Miami, I reminded myself of the steps in these four words that make up tonight's mantra.

Pause. A simple, deliberate effort to slow down.

Breathe. Consciously taking a nice slow and even breath. I prefer nasal breathing (in and out)—at least a three count for each.

Connect. Taking notice of what is going on inside of you. What feelings do you have? What do you physically feel in your body? Do you notice any connections between the two?

Reflect. This step looks different for everyone based on experience and preference. I enjoy talking things out with trusted confidantes that can validate, probe, and share insights back to me. It's taken me some time to find this preference and the 'right' reflectors. It may be journaling for you or even a particular modality of therapy that you favor.

Wherever you may be in your healthy journey, I hope that a simple prompt like this can potentially open up new perspectives and possibilities.

Happy Monday ✌️