SFH #144: Slow is smooth...

And smooth is fast 💫

With ten days under my belt in Miami, I'm feeling energized, excited, and overwhelmed. Being besieged in a hotel room with two small, slightly rebellious boys is what's accommodating my overwhelm. That said, I've continued to learn the lay of the land and continue moving closer to setting up our foundation here. One of the things that is keeping me sane besides sunshine and seawater is a saying. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. It comes from the Navy Seals, and I first heard it from Jocko Willink.

I love this turn of phrase because it immediately reminds me that I'm in control of the pace in my life regardless of this situation. One of the reasons that the world of endurance sports struck a deep chord with me was because it forced me to slow down, pace myself, and savor the little moments of a long journey. As I left the endurance life and moved to New York City, everything sped up in life. Or so it seemed. I was in a hurry to accomplish life and all the markers along the way. The energy of the Big Apple tends to contribute to that. This handy phrase helped keep me in check at times, though I needed more than just a motto to help keep perspective with all the stresses I was experiencing. 

As time passed, developing my 'tool belt' for life, I still call back to the reminder to slow things down, though. I turn to it now as I'm engulfed in a move over the last few weeks. I reminded myself just today that a faster rate of speed will not produce my desired outcome of finding an ideal place to live in Miami. Instead, as I move slower and use intention, I can see more pathways and create opportunities for my family and me.

I think we all face the bait to move hyper-quickly in life. It's in our nature to move faster as we experience exterior and internal pressures. The world around us feels rapid. But, that doesn't mean you need to press the pedal to achieve and accomplish in life. I've encountered exceptional outcomes and meaningful experiences when slowing things down. Finding your smooth gliding speed at the very least will help you maintain mental and emotional equilibrium and keep you from burning out.

What could you do a little slower today?