SFH #181: 4 Healthy Hack Favorites

Over the years 🗝

Here are a few of my favorite healthy hacks that have proven the test of time over the last couple of decades in my life.

  1. Eat healthy fat. As I mentioned back in #95 I ventured into the realm of Atkins back in 2002. The most valuable lesson I took away: healthy fat is crucial. Also, don't eliminate carbs and keep your diet natural and balanced. 🤣 You could say I was being schooled in healthy fat during my childhood as I grew up in a house that relied on real butter, but the education didn't set in until my adulthood. Again and again, I find that my mind and body respond exceptionally well when I incorporate healthy fats regularly. Here's a lineup I suggest.

  2. Let the sun in. It's a call-back kind of day I'm feeling. I mentioned my time in the summertime sun back in #160. I always thought my youth and natural ability would allow me to party at the end of the week after five straight 10 hour days in sweltering Texas heat. As it turns out, I'm pretty confident the sun exposure contributes to my health and endurance. How can I make that claim? Besides associating a restful night's sleep after an enjoyable day in the sun, my Whoop strap correlates that I genuinely get a boost in my HRV and deeper sleep stages when I get more sun exposure. Of course, I cannot measure the long-term effects of continued sun exposure quite as easily though I'm careful to use a broad-spectrum sunblock when I go past 30 minutes to combat the most significant potential risk of UV exposure.

  3. Sweat it out (exercise optional). I like to sweat. It's just a tranquil state of being for me. Whatever the reason, I've figured out that I don't need exercise to get a bang for my healthy boost buck. I was just feeling the good vibes back in the day of using a steam room, but I didn't understand the eustress that was occurring. These days I opt for the sauna more often, and the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend a good sweat every day in whatever form possible.

  4. Invite in positive vibrations. My favorite hack for a healthy vibrational shift in my state is my latest beloved tracks that put me in 'the clean' mood. As a close second, I'll put on something that will make me laugh or transport me to a good feeling from the past. There are many ways we can generate positive vibes internally through methods of breathing and meditation or externally through positive stimuli and connections. This one is truly so simple, but sometimes we forget to take the opportunity to shift our vibration to something more positive. I'm not saying we circumvent the negative feeling and flood it with good vibes, but when the time comes, I like to have these tools on call to make the intentional turn.

What are some of your favorite healthy hacks that you call on?