SFH #62: A Sauna Life

Sweat more for you health 💦

My parents used to drop me off for swim practice every morning in the summer of 1994. My swim program practiced out of an athletic club that featured a full-length basketball court, indoor track, weight room, cardio room, and full-service locker rooms with sauna, steam, and whirlpool. I found creative and novel ways to occupy my time at my suburban default retreat post-swim practice. One such habit I fell in love with was a thorough shvitz in the steam room. 🧖‍♂️ I listened to entertaining conversations from postpubescent men (I was 15 😉), experienced a sharpened focus of attention, and noticed a general boost in mood and energy following my brief reset sessions.1

I grew to love my sweat experiences so much that I continued to seek out gym memberships solely based on steam and sauna options. Last spring, I went all-in by purchasing this infrared sauna. Thank you, Peter, for going all in and splitting it with me. 🙏🏽 I love our sauna so much. It was clutch as I built my home-based self-care routine to help manage the new reality of the COVID world. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about owning a sauna. It's a no-brainer investment if you are using it regularly. We've logged well over 300 hours in ours to date.

To learn more about the fantastic benefits of regular sauna use, watch this video from one of the most gifted scientists in the health world, Dr. Rhonda Patrick. 📺