SFH #169: Sourdough

Superfood Sunday 🌟

One of my favorite treats from my time in New York City is a delicious loaf of sourdough bread from the local bakery in Dumbo, Almondine. Imported French butter spread on fresh sourdough is heavenly. If you are reading this from a nearby location to a fresh bread maker, and you're not shy about eating a few slices, I suggest you partake in this seldom-recognized superfood treat. The wild yeast culture in sourdough offers several health perks.

Water, salt, and flour combine to build a proper sourdough. That's right, just three simple ingredients. What's unique about this combination from a healthy perspective is the fermentation process. It's a true science to get a sourdough properly fermented, proofed, and baked. This superfood bread leavens from Lactobacillus bacteria and wild yeasts. And it typically takes a minimum of 4 hours to get a proper ferment where sourdough bread gets its unmistakable sour taste and its gut-friendly benefits. 

It becomes a carbohydrate that is absorbed better by the body and a more tolerable form of gluten for those with sensitivity. But, most importantly, it enhances our ability to absorb essential nutrients and minerals from the grain, giving us sound nutrition, falsely touted at times by the bread makers you find on grocery shelves. The advantages of sourdough include 

  1. A greater variety and diversity in our gut microbiome1

  2. Lowering our pH in the digestive tract2

  3. Unlocking B vitamins3

  4. High in folate4

In a world where gluten has become heresy and carbs demonized, I look at this classic staple as a comforting reminder that we can eat super healthy and still enjoy our bread! 🍞