SFH #120: Seek Awe for Your Health

A pathway to improving your life and relationships

Last year coming off a late January retreat, I had a light bulb for my career beyond Primary. 💡 The idea was a consulting and coaching business focused on holistic health through the lens of more fulfilling work (the consulting side) and self-actualization (the coaching side). I had the plans in place to start testing the concept launching April 1, 2020. Then the pandemic took over our lives, and I grappled to make heads or tails of what was to come next. I had already been riding the struggle bus from the mounting stress and my inability to cope. 🚌 So I retreated to Portland and went into restorative mode for several weeks. I spent several of those evenings brainstorming creatively for life beyond COVID. Those sessions were magical. 💫 This blog is a result of that time. 🙏🏽

During that period, I also had a realization surrounding the science of awe. I had heard about the scientific benefits of being in this transcendent state, and I was looking back at how it had shown up in my life previously. And then bingo, it hit me. 🥊 My experience as an endurance athlete and coach was a train with continual stops at the awe station. And more importantly, I wanted to create the ideal mix of what I had experienced with the relevant science in a new business. And that's how Monumental was born. @gomonumental on IG

The first trip on this awe-inspiring journey happens this October, the 9th through the 16th. We are doing an adventure hike on the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu. I'm prebooking with deposits and passport numbers starting today. It will sell out! 😳 Let me know asap if you want to come. Stay tuned for future adventures of all shapes and sizes. 🙌🏽

You may be saying, 'Great Brian, what's this have to do with the blog here?' I'm glad I hypothetically asked myself. 🤣

I want to reveal the science and benefits of awe for you to grasp what I have planned in all its glory! 

In a world where screens absorb most of our waking hours, material pursuits are the norm, and we stay detached mainly from nature, awe becomes precious. When we do receive the arousal of wonder, we recalibrate our place in the universe and our sense of self. In other words, awe can make us healthier, happier, and more connected to each other.

Whether it's a sunset on the horizon, live music, or the Home Run Derby from a couple of nights ago, we respond to the stimulus of beauty and ability. Here is a rundown of the science behind these encounters. ☀️

  • We may think more critically.1

  • We can savor our time.2

  • We become more cooperative.3

  • We can detach for our possessions.4

  • We can boost our immunity.5

  • And, we can reduce our stress!6

Are you ready to start building more awe into your life?! 💥

With love,