SFH #103: Personality Testing

How to make it work for us 🧪

I feel nervous writing about this subject as someone who believes that both evolutionary science and ancient wisdom of spiritual sciences have great relevance in our day-to-day existence. We are discovering new boundaries every day, like epigenetics, and there is so much we still don't grasp. Add to the mix that this subject may be polarizing depending on how fixed our perspective may be about who we are: our personality.

I'll pull the bandaid first. I believe that personality test results are overhyped because they are pretty malleable. Before I break that down, I also think we can use the wisdom of astrology, biology, and quantum physics in our collective and individual interests. The two beliefs crash together into this core belief: Our personalities are aspirational and dependent on our perspective and desire to change.

In the book Personality isn't Permanent, Benjamin Hardy diagnoses the industry of personality testing and makes the case (supported with social science) for shaping our evolutionary path through some essential learning and reframing. Below are a few critical points on the malleability and how we use personality tests to our advantage and shape our 'healthy' ideal version. 

  1. Personality tests come in all shapes and sizes.1

  2. Personality tests contain broad descriptors.2

  3. Our results rely heavily on set and setting—the 'season' of your life.3

  4. We seek meaning outside of ourselves.4

  5. And most importantly. Our personality is primarily a reflection of what we believe.5

So how can we use this social scientific knowledge with our understanding of the stars and energy? I think the answer is in unlocking patterns and setting intentions. In Hardy's book, he breaks down the latter as goal setting around your purpose and installing habits to guide you through change. I believe the fun comes in when we get to integrate quantum science. For example, we can find deeper connections to ourselves when we look at our energetic imprint in the Human Design system and utilize its map for sculpting our habits aspirationally. Do you want to live into your greatest calling? It's just a few critical choices and a guidance system away. That's how Human Design, Ennergrams, Strength Finders, Meyers-Briggs, Gene Keys, and the dozens of other tests I've taken land for me after all these years. 

In the end, I found that I can live into my personality, good, bad, or ugly; it's just my perspective and my willingness to use my unique human imprint as my vehicle. 💫