SFH #46: I love Yoga ❤️

The science is in and so am I

I've gone from a dedicated practice of pushing my body to test my physiological bounds of health to now exploring the entire realm of my holistic health in a moving meditation.

It took me a while to get here. I started my first regular yoga practice in 2008 in DC, only to abandon it when I left for Austin later that year. I never found a rhythm in Texas, and it took me another ten (10) years to get back to a regular practice. I was gifted Uli, Candice, and YogaCare. I fell in love with the Bikram practice. It's the most consistently satisfying workout that has been transcendent for my health. Don't just take my word for it. I've got the science to back it up 👇🏽

The jury is in on yoga. It's immensely beneficial.

  1. Do you want to reduce stress or anxiety?1

  2. Would you like better sleep and restfulness?2

  3. Would you like to reduce your inflammation?3

  4. Are you interested in helping your blood pressure or reversing heart disease?4

  5. Do you want to improve your cognition and quality of life?5

  6. How about gaining flexibility and better balance?6

  7. Do you have headaches and migraines you’d like to vanquish?7

  8. Or maybe you just want to improve body composition and build strength?8

and enjoy this 📺

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