SFH #75: Crying for Health

The best version of my yoga practice brings me to tears 🥲

Yesterday was quickly a top 3 of all time yoga class. I laughed, I cried, and I pushed myself to new dimensions in my poses. Our guest teacher had all the gifts up her sleeves. Thanks, Shannon. 🙏🏽

As a young boy, I learned that tears were not ‘a desired outcome’. Whether it was a parent that wanted to eschew tears of sadness for a more joyous disposition or the language around my childhood regarding complicated feelings, I got the message that tears were 'too vulnerable.' I am grateful that I eventually learned that's bullsh$#. In fact, over the last 4-5 years, the same amount of time my sons have been around, 👶👶 my course has corrected. 🧭 

Once you start peeling back the layers, it's hard not to keep going. By the time I became a regular at YogaCare in NYC early in 2019, I was ready for many lessons. Friday, on my mat in my final savasana, I hit the entire spectrum of joy, anger, sadness, fear, and shame. It was the culmination of the class itself and years of poking and prodding at my deeper layers. Don't just take my word for it; see the scientific reasons below that tears will bring you true health.

  1. Tears can help reduce stress and regulate our nervous system.1

  2. Crying brings connection to others.2

  3. Crying can get you to new joyous heights.3

Watch this for another perspective on the benefits of crying 📺