SFH #100: 100 Days of Blogging ⌨️

A new level of access has arrived - day 101

I've had some plans in my back pocket for a while now that I'm excited about, and in celebration of hitting 100, I'm rolling out the first layer for the future of Simple Fun Health today! I just had to double-check for myself and hand count the days on the calendar. 🤪 🎉

Introducing the Premium Subscription

  • How-tos! Welcome to mini-lessons, training, and coursework in living simple healthy, and fun. I'll walk you through (both written and video) 'how-tos,' including fitness essentials like running form, dialing in a strength routine, and building flexibility and mobility into your life. We won't stop there. I'll take you through using the tools and methods I implement daily to balance out the edges, including the likes of breathwork, meal planning, and bullet journaling.

  • Direct Access! Ever wanted a healthy lifestyle database on speed dial? Okay, we text more these days, but you get the point. Joining premium will be direct access to text me 24/7 😳 —any health questions you have. I pledge to give you the most thorough reflection and answer possible within 24 hours. Ever been at the grocery store and wonder whether an ingredient is healthy or not? 🛒 You could google on your smartphone, or you could also text me, and I'll run you through the pros and cons and help direct you along the way. Maybe you need a little motivational push to get your workout in? I've got you covered as an on-text coach! My emoji game is strong 💪🏾, plus I've got some phat beats on tap to snap into you to go mode! 🔊

  • FAQ Sessions. I'll be hosting a monthly virtual FAQ session—to get answers and reflection on your unique health goals. It's also an excellent opportunity to listen to other community members' questions around health. We will dive into a few key questions once a month for 45 minutes. The first one is coming in July!

  • Deeper Dives. My goal in launching Simple Fun Health was to deliver actionable and easily digestible healthy lifestyle advice. Sometimes, that advice can be too bit-sized in this format, though I have been known to go a little deeper at times. 🤪 In the premium subscription, you'll be receiving more in-depth pieces exclusively like Reducing Friction Part 1 (part 2 still to come ;), How I make my decisions around food?, and Relieve Your Stress.

This sounds amazing, Brian. How much does it cost? Good question! All this content and access for less than $2 each week! That's it? Where do I sign up? You can sign up now by clicking here.

No worries if you aren’t quite ready yet. Access to the daily isn’t going anywhere. I look forward to still bringing you great content on the regular. Only a small handful of posts will convert to the premium version as I ramp up and roll out. 80% of the daily blog will still be free to access. That other 20% will be the Pareto version of 💎s 🤣

I hope you've enjoyed the healthy content over the last 100 days. I look forward to bringing you much more! My next goal is to hit 300 days and counting. 😉