SFH #106: We are all just finding our way

Inspired by The Queen's Gambit

I first wanted to be a race car driver. It was the matchbox cars. Then I wanted to be a baseball player. Then a doctor. Then a screenwriter. And honestly, I don’t know what was next.

Eventually, I decided to put my worth into ‘experiencing life’ from travel, work, play, and finally building a family. And here I am. Nothing fancy, not too shabby either. I’m here. I’m happy, and I’m growing, living my best lifeas the saying goes.

Bringing me to chess. I’m on episode 5 of The Queen’s Gambit. I am watching as I write. It’s not too distracting for the way I consume. 😉 I read all the episode descriptions on Wikipedia before starting. I typically do these days. I’m enamored by this storyline. It’s the torment of Beth. I’m no chess genius, though I understand enough about struggling to find your way with gifts and with trauma. We all have both. It’s our novel storyline. We can compare, though we all hold it singularly and uniquely. We are all just finding our way like Beth.

What I’ve learned about finding ‘the way’ for me.

I will get there eventually. There will be joy. There will be pain. Both will come in all shapes and sizes. It’s about living into the journey, feeling it all. I continue to need that reminder. I create all the meaning of those experiences. I decide what to believe about myself and the world. However, we share our humanity and our unique connections, and most importantly, our capacity to love. It’s the most powerful and the essential human condition. And it is the heart of our ‘way’ in my estimation. I’m learning to apply it more liberally these days.

With ❤️ from Brian