SFH #30: The Sun and Superpowers ☀️

How sun exposure can power you

Look up in the sky? It's a bird. It's a plane! No, it's Superman. I was about 8 years old when I first watched the original Superman movie. 🎥 I remember vividly sitting on the couch at the cushion's edge in front of our living room TV. The first time Superman saves Lois, he flies up parallel to the Daily Planet building and catches her free-falling helicopter. I cried; I was so inspired. The idea of a 'superman' with superhuman powers draws many of us in. If you've read or watched any content surrounding Superman, you might know that he has developed many of his powers from our yellow sun. ☀️ Today, I want to explore how we gain our power from the sun.

Watch to the end to hear best methods for sun exposure. 📺

Body Chemistry and the Sun 🧪

  1. Vitamin D promotes reduced inflammation and modulates cell growth. We can't always get enough from food sources, and supplementation is second to direct sources! The sun is the best natural source of Vitamin D, and it only takes a few minutes of sunlight a few times a week to notice a difference. Start with 5-15 minutes. Get outside and expose yourself to direct sun for a short period in the morning.

  2. Serotonin is the essential hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. It impacts our entire body, from enabling our brain cells to communicate with each other to help regulate sleeping, eating, and digestion.

  3. Nitric Oxide is released when sunlight hits your skin. NO is very helpful with our heart health in lowering our blood pressure.

Happy Sunny Days Ahead!