SFH #56: Thanks, Mom

You deserve recognition and honor 🏆

In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure establishing the second Sunday in May as an official holiday in America to celebrate our mothers. The idea was born out of Anne Jarvis's efforts to recognize and honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children, following her mother’s death in 1905. Anne was determined to make Mother’s Day a holiday through a letter-writing campaign to newspapers and politicians urging the adoption of the special day honoring motherhood in contrast to the male-focused slate of US holidays. Although she was successful in the end, Anne denounced the commercialization of the day and spent much of her fortune legally battling groups using the term “Mother’s Day” for their profit.

In tribute to Anne and her efforts to bring our families together to recognize the sacrifices of our mothers, I wanted to use today’s blog entry to acknowledge my mother’s influence on my life and health.

My mom was far and away the lead caregiver in presence and attention growing up. She taught me how to ride a bike. She attended the majority of my soccer, swimming, and baseball events. She tucked me in every night with kisses and hugs. She even jumped into a pool in Florida to save me from drowning before I could swim. She was always there for my sister and me.

More poignant for me was how she influenced my life towards a pursuit of health.

  1. My mom always encouraged me to be a good student and read! She has a Masters's in Library Science and has been a prodigious reader my entire life. It just took me some time to catch on. 📖

  2. My mom encouraged me to explore and experience the world. If it were for you mom, I wouldn't have taken the trip after college to Europe. I credit that experience with shaping a lot of views around food, connection, and healthy lifestyles. 🏔

  3. And finally, my mom was the athlete. My dad passed some beneficial genetics for health, but my mom passed some skills and love for an active life. My mom was a cheerleader at the University of Maryland. Go Terps! She was a 5:30 am spin diehard back in the mid-90s. I went to my first pilates class with my mom at Signature Athletic Club. I bought a joint membership for the two of us to the same club in my early 20s when I moved back to Dallas. That's how dedicated we were to our fitness life. 🔥

Here's to you! Thank you again for everything you did and still do, mommy.