SFH #69: Sunday Sunshine

Sharing my favorite smoothie concoction from last summer 😋

Over the last three years, I’ve found myself experimenting continuously with healthy concoctions. I particularly love throwing a combination of flavors into our Vitamix and seeing what pours out. 🤣 Last spring, I was playing around when I came up with this particular sunshine-inspired smoothie. It’s perfect as our days heat up and your thirst needs quenching. 😉

I call this the Sunshine Smoothie. ☀️

Ingredients for two (2) servings.

¼ cup frozen pineapple 

½ a medium orange (peel on)

½ a medium lemon (peel on)

1 tablespoon of hemp seeds

1 tablespoon of flax seeds

1 inch of fresh ginger

½ inch of fresh turmeric

1 cup unsweetened coconut water (or filtered water)

1 ½ cup of ice 

Add all ingredients to a blender and voila! Sometimes I’ll throw in Calm powder to give a little magnesium boost.

Let me know what you think 🤔