SFH #189: Fun Activities = Fun Life

Focus on the fun this holiday season

Happy Thanksgiving Week. 🙏🏽 I hope this Tuesday message finds you all grooving into your turkey break. I'm very excited to have beach weather for the first time in nearly a decade surrounding my holiday season. I do miss the fall season, though. Pacific Northwest for the fall color win. A close second is the Mid-Atlantic. Shout out to my DC Metro fam and friends. 🍁

Life should be fun, so should the activities we pick. So I'm setting the intention this holiday season to inject more fun activities. I have scattered memories of fun moments throughout my holidays. Mostly warm feelings of love and joy dominate my recollection. And this year, I want to layer on more fun times.

As I entered the second week in my new job with Wix and getting ready for the season of glut, I signed up for some butt-kicking classes to keep my metabolism on point. And even more so, my spirits via the fun factor. I've been riding a high of being in a great new culture with my team and company (that prioritizes fun 👈🏼 for real it’s in the values 🎉). It's easy to pop up in the morning and get my class on in this current state.

What crossed my mind this morning as I bounced around the room during my Barry's Bootcamp session was the nature of making class enjoyable. The class was a blast for me and creative fuel for writing today. Good background music. Challenging. Just the right prescription of function, fun, and that coaching push. And not to be forgotten the community piece. A live active audience. 🙌🏽

Long story short—as we enter the holiday season and all the 'feels' are coming up; I'm setting this intention as the foundational piece to balance the next couple of months. After all, life should be fun. I'm well aware that we all have our stuff come up in this time of year's natural ebb and flow. With all of the good, the bad, the joy, the hurt, the love, the heartbreak, and everything in between, I think we owe it to ourselves. Sometimes we lose track of allowing ourselves the fulfillment that is our natural desire to play. We need fun, and we need to play. Dial something in this week and next for your enjoyment. It can be any activity from exercise to a board game to trying a new restaurant (fun options, IMHO ;).

Here's a fun dance video to spur you into action. 😉