SFH #184: If you can't run, then walk.

A Monday Mantra 💫

In 1967 Martin Luther King delivered these lines to a junior high school in Philadelphia, capping his 'blueprint' speech with the message to keep moving no matter the difficulty in life. You can see the powerful words cued up below.

Today, a close friend pointed out that a 'normal' person would have difficulty dealing with a single central area of their life up in the air. I have several foundations up in the air. I'm diving into a new career path. I moved to a new city. I'm going through a divorce. Right now, just finding a place to live has been a challenge here. And what choices do I have? Only to keep going.

I used to coach athletes to put one foot in front of the other when feeling exhaustion and fatigue during a race. The only path is forward to the finish line. To completion, indeed. We learn so much about ourselves on the way through. My mentors taught me (thanks, Ed), and I still feel that life is truly about the journey and not the outcome.

The mantra for today for any of us who are struggling with choices, decisions, control, or whatever is your given obstacle. Remember to keep moving. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. Motion is progress. Waiting is fear.