SFH #177: The Greens

A mix of green favorites 💚

Before our natural green landscapes turn to fall shades, I wanted to feature my favorite green treats in my life right now.

  1. My go-to matcha latte. I've been enjoying this healthy beverage much more since I arrived in Miami. Who knows why? 🤷‍♂️ I'm rolling with it. I use MatchaBar. My simple recipe is two (2) teaspoons of matcha powder, mix with a few tablespoons (2-3) hot water, add more hot water (8-10 ounces), add two (2) teaspoons of maca, stir thoroughly, and top off with 6-8 ounces of oat milk. I mix it up with one of these bad boys for the froth.  

  2. Roasted seaweed is always clutch in a pinch. I order the big Kirkland pack from Costco off Instacart, and I have a stash at work and home. I don't go nuts with them. Maybe a bag every other day at most. I'm still on the hunt for a brand that does expeller-pressed seed oil or preferably another healthy oil option.

  3. Organifi Green Juice. I had a friend reach out and ping me about Athletic Greens and other meal replacement options when I wrote this week's mantra about real food. Indeed, I always opt for as close to natural as possible, and in the reality that we live in, I use supplemental options to fill in the gaps. I love this version of a healthy processed powder over everything I've tried. It's both the taste and the price on this one. ☝️ 

  4. My baseline super salad—pictured here. If you haven't been reading this for that long, you should know I'm dedicated to my salad game. I have a baseline that I've been leaning into for the last couple of years. Arugula, fresh sauerkraut, raw sunflower seeds, red apple, avocado, Himalayan pink salt, ground black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. The one you see pictured has fennel, sprouts, and mixed greens. My key is to keep the ingredients fresh. The better the source, the tastier. That includes the olive oil too. 🥗

  5. My modes of transportation. An e-scooter and Citi Bike Miami. For my last favorite today, I'm going with my 'green' eco-lifestyle. I love being car-less. I revel in being able to get from A to B in none motorized fashion. These days I'm rocking this e-scooter I purchased last summer during the pandemic. I've put 500+ miles so far, and that's with a lot of shelf time while I was using e-bikes in Portland. My other go-to is the CitiBike system here in Miami. It's not quite as convenient and well-maintained as New York, but it does the trick. $15 a month for unlimited use.

Enjoy the weekend friends! 🙌