SFH #172: Sleep Positions

A simple rundown 🛏

How easily do you snuggle into a sleeping position at night? I feel pretty secure as soon as I shimmy into bed. I don't think much about my sleep position these days since learning to secure my back lying position years ago. I had a shoulder injury back in 2004. The sports chiropractor that helped me through it encouraged me to use a contour pillow for my neck and practice propping myself into the ideal sleep position for my musculoskeletal system. Sleeping in a less than perfect position can cause various issues, including fatigue, poor circulation, sleep apnea, cramping, headaches, impaired digestion, and neck issues. While sleeping on my back is my go-to, it's not necessarily the best position for you per se. The best position for any of us is the one that promotes the most restful night. 💤

Here's a look at different sleep positions and a brief breakdown of each.

Fetal Position

Sleeping on our side with knees bent curling inward.

Pros: Reduces sleep apnea and snoring. Also, it relieves lower back pain. 

Cons: Can create stiffness and aggravate joint issues. 

Hot Tip: Put a pillow between your knees.

Normal Side Lying

You are sleeping on either side of your body, letting the limbs fall where they may.

Pros: It also reduces sleep apnea and snoring. And this positioning helps aid in digestion. 

Cons: Repeating the cons of the fetal position with stiffness. Plus, research shows that it can contribute to wrinkles.

Hot Tip: Opt for your left side for the most digestive benefit, and still put a pillow between your knees. 😉

On Back

Sleeping on our back speaks for itself.

Pros: Using gravity to align your musculoskeletal set-up over your spine while simultaneously relieving pressure. 

Cons: It can aggravate existing back issues and contribute to sleep apnea. 

Hot Tip: Use a rolled towel or a contour pillow for your neck.

Face Down (On Your Stomach)

Another position that needs little description to understand.

Pros: It can be less problematic for sleep apnea and snoring. 

Cons: Pain and joint aggravation, headaches, and poor digestion.

Hot Tip: Avoid this position the most!

For a more visual breakdown!