SFH #171: Feeling Bored?

Don't run from it 🏃🏽‍♀️

We want to escape boredom. It makes us uneasy and brings up feelings of restlessness. It feels like a negative experience, but the truth is that when we give ourselves space, boredom is where creativity and imagination happen. We should be embracing it as a catalyst for positive action versus dodging and filling our void with quick bouts of easy stimulation. 

To illustrate our relationship with boredom, I'm going to stretch a little on this topic and take advantage of the opportunity to use this video from Bo Burnham's Netflix special. 👇🏽 I'm enamored with it. I find our relationship with smart devices and unbound entertainment and information in our pockets head-spinning, especially as someone who has dealt with and continues to battle addiction. When we give ourselves room to breathe, we gain clarity, opportunity, and connection. But the trick is actually creating the space. So, watch below for some perspective.

*Warning. This song gets pretty graphic and dark.*

Suppose we are willing to be intentional and give ourselves the room. Here's what is possible.

  1. We allow our brains to relax and alleviate tension and stress from consistent stimulation.

  2. We can turn our focus inward, begin to reflect, and be more creative in our problem-solving. In the vacancy of outer stimulation, we use our imagination and think in diverse ways.

  3. Learning to endure boredom (especially for developing children) is the fantastic groundwork for cultivating self-control skills. We may be more efficient in regulating our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

What comes up for you when you get bored? How do you deal with an always-on world? Some food for thought this Wednesday (or Thursday morning 🤪).