SFH #170: Seeking

A Monday Mantra 💫

What you seek is seeking you.

These words from Rumi remind me that the universe has our back. No matter what your faith, I'm sure you've likely encountered something that seemed at least like a minor miracle in your life. Maybe even a big one? I think these are winks and nods are something more divine than mere coincidence. 

Our desires are seeking us out as much as we seek them. Would you have had the desire in the first place if some more significant presence didn't call to you?

I like to harness this through meditation and positive intention. It's not just being still for a few minutes each day and waiting for my dreams to fall in my lap. That's been far from happening these last few years. My faith is in staying focused and aligned with my thoughts, intentions, and actions. Every once in a while, I get a bread crumb that reminds me that I'm closer to my deep desires. After all, I've been dreaming of escaping to a beach for a long time. 😉🏖