SFH #167: Finding your Ikigai

A helpful concept in guiding you through life 🎉

Would you love to turn on the happy switch simply? I know I would. 🙋‍♂️

If you pursue this switch to bring 'light' into your life and you seek more joy, you're probably searching for your ikigai.

Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is an ancient concept from Japanese culture that brings meaning and purpose to your life. In other words, your light comes from the 'worth' you feel. This word combines the terms iki, meaning "alive," and gai, meaning "worth."

The idea also comes with a convenient and well-known diagram, seen below. The design includes four key overlapping areas that create our ikigai.

  1. What do you love? First, think thoroughly about what you love. What brings you the most joy and fulfillment without any attention to other areas yet.

  2. What are you good at? List out all your favorite hobbies. What about skills and talents that come easy for you? What do people compliment you for? Does anything come up that crosses over with the love category?

  3. What does the world need? The world's needs can seem overwhelming. The simple way to break this down is to look at what you can provide to others like your neighbors, community, and maybe even humanity that goes beyond your own needs. It's really about giving to a greater whole than yourself.

  4. What can you get paid for? The trickiest part of the equation. We all have things we love and are good at, but there may not be a market demand for our hobbies and passions. What do you have that people are willing to pay for? Maybe it takes some time and sweat to refine, but it will be worthwhile in the end if it encompasses the first three components.

In a Western sense, this may seem like it's finding a dream vocation. And it indeed may manifest as a career. Though, as long as you step foot in all four areas, you are headed toward your ikigai.

Watch this video for further perspective. 📺