SFH #158: Change Making

A Monday mantra

If you want something different, do something different.

If you are drained and getting the same results repeatedly, it is about time that you reevaluate your methods. Of course, you will yield the same results if you follow the same process. However, making some specific and calculated tweaks, even minor ones, can drastically shift your outcomes.

Undesired habits reproduce not because you don't want to grow but because you have the wrong system in place for transformation. Essentially, we are only as good as the methods we've set up for ourselves. 

Whether we are trying to quit a harmful habit, lose weight, reduce stress, improve our physiological form, or practice acceptance, we need to look at our habit patterns to achieve the sustainable change that we desire.

Step 1: Recognize the pattern

Step 2: Follow these steps for interruption and change