SFH #149: A Friday Fav 💫

Body Glide

Last week, I took the boys on a run in our double stroller across the Venetian Causeway to check out some spots in Midtown Miami. I love exploring on foot, whether it's walking or running. Unfortunately, I made two rookie mistakes for Miami and running. First, I was arrogant and ran in my AllBirds and casual shorts, and second I did not bring my Body Glide!

I've been running for a few decades in my limited defense and have found that if I buy the correct type of casual clothing and shoes, I can comfortably go on long walks and even run in them. I purchased my Cole Haan dress loafers for the precise reason that I could run in them. Regrettably, these methods do not apply to Miami in the summertime. I was drenched! Lesson learned. Stick to sportswear in this Florida weather. 🥵

Coming back to the body glide--I just forgot to bring it. I've been using it since 2004, when I started endurance training. I loved the practicality of it so much I had an idea to create my very own anti-chaffing stick concept a few years back. 🤣 It's an essential tool for anyone that runs regularly. Additionally, I like to use it for any activity where I might get 'a rub'. In particular, it comes in handy for hot spots like my feet since I'm a fan of slip-on casual shoes with no socks. It takes the place of bandaids as well. I'm not saying bandaids are a terrible thing. You merely don't need them if you can protect a small chafed spot, scrap, or cut with a small layer of protective balm.

Happy Friday. Go for a run or a long walk, and don't forget to try the magic of body glide. ;)