SFH #145: Keep Moving Through

A Monday mantra for tough times

If you are going through hell, keep going.

This famous line by Winston Churchill has been used in many contexts throughout the last few decades though outside of fighting a World War, a once a century pandemic may be the most appropriate time to apply this message. By the way, it's questionable if he even uttered these words. 

Regardless of attribution, many people feel like they are going through a personal 'hell' during this pandemic. It has set our lives decidedly on a different path. Whether you embrace change or not, the last 18 months have been downright exhausting and defeating. Even so, defeat is not the end. Even with a hellscape as our most imaginative doom ending, you are still here and more than likely capable of carrying on if you are reading this. It's quite a blessing for those of us who were not adversely affected and, in fact, are still alive and healthy. We must lead ourselves and our loved ones to a new light. What else is there? Criticism, bitterness, regret, and staying stuck. No, thank you. I've been there. I still get there at times when I stew in my anger at something or someone. It doesn't serve me or anyone around me. I choose to move forward and through it. 

For me, this mantra (or more so motto) resonates because it is a reminder not just to move through the muck, but that there have been many trying times in our delicate and short existence on this planet, and yet we not only keep going, we thrive. I choose that path. Yes, please. 🙋🏽‍♂️

How will you move forward and thrive?

Courtesy of artnotshame.org