SFH #141: Status Targets 🎯

What are you aiming for?

We need to spend more time figuring out what matters most to us and not the outside world. The catch is that it might take some time to unpack as we generally obsess over what we've already been taught to track and measure. Just tune into the latest reality show craze, check out magazine covers, and look at the race to the bottom for likes on social.

Just because our modern culture focuses on measuring weight, waistlines, and chest girth (for both men and women) doesn't mean you have to. Weight is 'a' method to assess health, though it doesn't need to be 'the' method. I prefer more invisible metrics like resting heart rate and heart rate variability. It's about the ‘right’ target for you. You don't need to follow the status quo.

UFC fighters, The Rock (as much as I love his charm), and general bro culture promote the idea of size, toughness, and a relentless aggressiveness to 'win.' It seems to be a race for flash and flesh with newfangled age-defying procedures and The Real Housewives phenomenon. Does this reflect what most of us are attempting to achieve in our life? If you want bulging muscles or soft baby skin in your 50s, more power to you. To me, it's about the why behind those results versus what looks like an extreme version of external finish lines.

What happens when we lose track of what's essential in our rush to measure against what the outside world is telling us? I think it puts us on the cut-rate route to make ourselves feel better. We either set our standards to the norm or just lower them all together. This is how we fall short. It's not that we aren't hitting the target. It's that we aren't internally connected to it when we peel back the layers. When you measure the wrong thing for yourself, you will get the wrong thing.

The measurements and numbers will matter when they are right for YOU. 🔥