SFH #136: Health Rules 😉

There is legitimately only one in my book

My sister once called me Peter Pan in my mid-30s. I've never been one for rules. A lot has to do with how I'm wired. Also, growing up in a house where you couldn't walk on the immaculate carpet in the living room as it was a shrine to vacuum lines didn't help my cause. I questioned everything more and more as I matured. I wanted to find my truth. I didn't buy the constructs built around me (or 'for me'). I still have a healthy suspicion for why something makes it to 'rule' standing.

So, why did I title this entry 'health rules' if I'm such a non-conformist? Well, partially a wink that this is my soapbox. I do get tremendous satisfaction from writing and sharing what I know and don't know about health. My most authentic desire is to be seen, heard, and loved for who I am and my contribution.

That said, I only have one health rule: Be real with yourself. Real to me means staying true, being present, and getting honest. To be clear, this is not an easy rule. I get it right about 70-80% of the time. Being present to what's true for me in every moment is a bit hard, as it's a process I'm still unwrapping as I work on my EQ. 

Health rules aren't that easy in general because so many intersect and combat each other. Plus, we are uniquely designed structures of over 37 trillion cells. We can't just plug and play sh$%! Even with universal truths like oxygen, gravity, and circadian science, it's an adventure to figure out our health formula. I like to think of it as a lifetime exploration. I want to think of myself as a scientist (I'm not) voyaging and probing the expanses of possibilities for that distinctive personal recipe for health. I do believe the best lens to dial things in is to be real! Here's why.

  1. Real gets you to ask more questions and seek better answers. 

  2. Real gets you to look at the scope of who you are and how you want to show up in this world. 

  3. Real gets you to repeat the ingredients that deliver you the greatest joy.

  4. Real gets you to dismantle parts that do not serve. 

  5. As you move closer to real, you move closer to more copious health.