SFH #135: First Friday Favs

Entering East Standard Time 🕰

I don't have an official residence, but I'm pretty much on my way to being a Floridian. 🏖 We just arrived in Miami late last night. Well, technically, early this morning. So, as I'm in full-scale adjustment mode and looking to set up life here, I'm thinking about my favorite things to anchor me in—what a perfect time to launch my first Friday Favs. 🙌🏽

Away we go. 🔱

  1. I love saltwater. It's a big reason I said ‘hell yes!’ to Miami. Something magical happens for me when I touch the ocean. I grew up loving water, kept the habit as an adult doing triathlons, and have now embraced baths with Epsom salt as a post endurance family man. 🤣 The magic of natural water has been talked about for centuries. Here's an excellent article to touch on some of the science behind our fabulous seawater! 🌊

  2. I love Christopher Nolan's storytelling. The man is a master of playing with and bending time in narratives. I watched Tenet on the plane ride here after holding out on the two and half hour masterpiece. It's the latest concept where Nolan flips the idea of how we can interact with time. He's created a narrative of simultaneous two distinct timelines mirroring each other in opposite directions. I'm honestly not doing it justice. See it. It also stars Denzel's son John David and Robert Pattinson (aka the new Dark Knight).

  3. Barùka Nuts. The nutrition behind this Brazilian-based Baruzeiro tree nut is remarkable in the world of what we’ve already discovered—plus it tastes really delectable. I tried them on a whim after hearing one of the founders Darin Olien talk about them on Max Lugavere's The Genius Life podcast. I recommend the shells on with these (trail mix style).  

  4. Gerolsteiner. If you are into bubbles in your water, then consider the benefits of drinking mineral water. You can get it flat, though most of the naturally occurring water sources in the world come to market with carbonation. I've been on my agua mineral (hey, I just moved to Miami 😉) kick for a while. I always enjoyed it, though I started to lean in further after getting a brief lesson in water quality. Gerolsteiner features 2,527 mg/l TDS. Here’s a quick lesson in why that matters. For the value and health, it dwarfs the likes of Gatorade.

  5. Single leg deadlifts on a destabilized surface. After suffering many lower-body injuries in my early sporting endeavors as an adult, I had to make a shift if I wanted to be as able body as I desired. Enter the superior functional movements I learned from my trusted physical therapist friends. One, in particular, speaks to my heart and my future healthy lower body. I've rebuilt my legs from the ground up, doing single-leg deadlifts as a staple movement. As I gain strength in my posterior chain and lateral stabilizers over time, I've been able to up the ante. I always get a kick figuratively and literally leveraging some serious resistance off a balance disc or Bosu ball.

And that, my friends, is my first Friday favs. As I'm on the East Coast now, I hope to get these out in a more timely fashion for any prime-time readers. 👀