SFH #60: Open Thread - Tell me about your favorite type of content.

Is it tv, lists, numbers, links, or stories? 🤷‍♂️

As I move through my commitment to this daily blog, I want to stay vigilant in finding ways to keep (you) my audience as engaged and interested as possible.

This week’s open thread.

Your favorite type of content.

Pick one from below. Just one.☝️

  1. YouTube Clips 📺

  2. Best Practice Lists 📝

  3. Statistics 📊

  4. Reference Links 🔗

  5. Personal Stories ✍️

As a bonus. Feel free to let me know the why or the what behind your fav. 🙌

Something new this week to test the best method(s) for a feedback loop; you can text me. 😳

Just text (212) 495-9962 if you don’t already have my number, and type the corresponding number to your favorite type of content. Of course, you can always respond directly to this email per usual or put something in the thread of this blog page. 😉