SFH #118: 4 Questions - 2 Prizes

Survey Time

Do you ever ask the question, where am I headed with this? I ask this question in different variations all the time, whether it's my health or life choices. I was also repeatedly asking clients variations of this question for a decade. It wasn't easy for people to tell me their profound truth because they were still unpacking the answers most of the time. I'd have to poke and prod to get deeper into the response.

I did this so I could always tie my athlete’s activities back to their ‘why’. These days I like going beyond the physiological lanes. I prefer to find and build the holistic healthy patterns that align with the ‘why’, and at the same time disassemble and inspect the patterns that don’t serve us. Fitness, food, sleep, connection, technology, etc.

Today, I present four questions in survey form to help you! The questions can help you unlock what brought you this far, and dive into the what (easier) and why (more difficult) behind the health you are seeking. 👀

I'll let you unpack the questions by going to the link below to fill out the survey. Feel free to reach out no matter your questions. You can also write as little or as much you like.

Once submitted, I will put your email into a random drawing. I'm using this handy web tool to pick the winner. There will be two winners! 🎉 That's right, count that aloud, 1, and 2.

Each winner will get a healthy travel care package from me featuring LMNT hydration packs, Four Sigmatic blends, fresh Palo Santo, and a little something extra personalized. ;)

Thank you for your time and attention, not just to the survey, yet also to your health. 🙏🏽

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