SFH #40: 1st Open Thread - What is the most important thing for you to stay healthy?

Excited to hear from you 🔥

It’s been 40 days, and I feel very fortunate. 🙏🏽

I had been punting for a while with the idea of blogging and writing regularly. I think it might be the new best thing for my well-being.

In celebration of this gift of health that I get to share, I wanted to open things up a bit and test some more boundaries. I’ve had some great conversations going with friends, family, and new acquaintances including:

  • I’ve had friends message me with questions about trying out some new practices like ‘mouth taping’.

  • I had a new acquaintance email to tell me “thank you for spurring a conversation around health that I’ve had trouble starting for a while”

  • Comments from many of you around “so much value”, “great content”, and “love the style”. I am doing a victory lap a bit here, so I’ll take some constructive criticism to keep improving. 😉 - per yesterday’s entry about blind spots.

  • In less than 10 days from now, I’ll be at the first meeting for a new men’s support group here in the Portland area that lives into a healthy vision I have in supporting, being supported, and leading with action.

  • Early on (from around blog #10) I figured this content would make a great coffee table book with simple and fun healthy tips to try out every day. I’ve had three different people suggest the idea to me without mentioning that it was in the works! 🔥 Here’s the start of the book👇🏽

And with all this good energy I want to activate a community conversation.

Let’s see how this thing goes 🤞🏽

What is the most important thing for you to stay healthy?

I’ll go first. It’s reflection. Specifically, being able to check in with myself around thoughts and feelings. I can do it in many ways. Journaling, meditating, walking, talking to friends, and of course sharing this blog. I think I always had this need and ability to do so as an athlete. Physical fitness can be an easy feedback loop. You work out, you sweat, you perform, and you can see results. It’s a physical reflection. I was mostly using fitness as my gauge and feedback loop for self-worth. As my views on health evolved and expanded with life experiences, I realized there was much more to my health than I had unpacked from the mental and emotional side of the equation. And it still stands today, that regular reflection through these various techniques is a linchpin for my overall healthy existence.

OK. Now you. Don’t overthink it. Don’t try to be too poetic. Go with your flow and write what’s inside you.

Just click, type from your gut, and write the first thing that you feel.

I’ll see you in the comments. 😘